Happy Owners

Trevor & Beck with new pup Kaiser

Owen, Priscilla, Alejandro, with Xavi

Mick, McKenzie, with new pup Troops

Caroline and Jordon with Charlie-Rose

Matt, Suzane and pup Hector

Carolyn and John with Max

Sue & Nigel with Inspector Rex

Nelson, Stella & Rafael with Kaiser

Jason & Maddy with Tasha

Karen & Max

Luke, Alisha with Khan and Max


Peter, Rebecca and family with Jill

Sam and Archie

Hans, Phyllis and Jacky




Kathy, Craig, Chelsea and Emily with Tilly


Melissa, John and Maverick


Yvette & Imogen with Kai


Yvonne, Brett and Martin


Sharon & Meisha


Emma  Bethany and  Inca


Kaushal  Mukta Rohan and Jay with Shadow


Sally,Zoran, Abby and Bella with Zed


Sergio with MAX


Tanya Richo Sage with Dexter


Jeanne with Dooley


Graeme  Julia  with Baron


Ashley  Pam  Hugh and Jack with Gaby


Brendan  Anna  and Isla with Teeko


Brandon  Kerrie and Brax


Craig  Anna and Bear

Marina and James with Holly 



Courtney and Emma with Dozer


Sean with Judge


Sarah and Paul with Rhino


Angelica, Anthony, and Daniel with Sienna


Daniel and Angela with Shelby


Imogen  Jerry  Beth  and Damien with Forrest


Vinay and Deepa with Casper


Jake Kai Melinda George and Dylan with Bonnie


Judy  Harry and Morgen


Mazona and Shadow


Harry and Ocean


Jessica  John and Hugo